Trip Insurance

Travel Insurance


Whoa fella, don’t go up there! Well, at least he has trip insurance.

When you’re planning your next ski trip, don’t forget to pack travel insurance!

Trips can be full of the unexpected: travel issues, injury, illness, and lost luggage. Don’t let the unexpected get in the way.

As always, trip insurance is recommended.  Our trip agent provides a good product. You can access it off the grey bar at the top of their homepage at When filling in the form, the “per booking trip cost” should equal the total amount of travel dollars you want to insure, so If, for example, a husband and wife each paying $1650 for the trip wanted to insure, they can do so by filing one policy totaling $3300.  You would put a “2” in the travellers box. The general coverage begins at about 7% of the cost of the trip.

Also you can contact your local insurance agent, or AAA for other options.