Telluride Trail Maps

Telluride Ski Resort Trail Guide

With over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain and 127 total trails, you definitely want a trail map. The terrain at Telluride spans all levels:

  • 23% of the trails are at the beginner level
  • 36% at an intermediate level
  • 41% are at an intermediate to advanced level

Powder stashes, glades, moguls, groomers, bowls… Telluride truly has it all. Check out the Trail Guide below for an overview of the mountain features and some of our favorite runs on the mountain!

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Meadows – The Meadows is a perfect beginner run. It has enough pitch where you don’t find yourself pushing along, but is mellow enough for new skiers and snowboarders to practice their technique. Note that during peak times, this run gets crowded. Please be aware of those around you. Access from Chondola (Lift 1).


Bridges – Bridges is a Double Green or advanced beginner run. The length of the run allows you to find your ski rhythm and the bridges along the way acclimate you to varied terrain. There are also numerous ski-in/ski-out properties so you get a lovely tour of Mountain Village real estate! Access from Sunshine Express (Lift 10).

Madison – Are you ready for some elevation and a taste of bowl skiing? Try your hand at Madison, a Double Green run on the edge of Prospect Bowl. Get a little goofy and ski through crops of trees and over rolling terrain! Take Galloping Goose from the top of Prospect Bowl to get back down to the base of the mountain. Access from Sunshine Express (Lift 10) to Ute Park (Lift 11) to Prospect Express (Lift 12).

Galloping Goose – The Galloping Goose run is one of the highlights of the Telluride Ski Resort. This incredibly scenic run offers beginners the chance to experience some of the most stunning views Telluride has to offer from one of the highest points on the mountain. Note that the trail runs for 4.6 miles from the top of the run, one of the longest trails in the country. Access from Prospect Express (Lift 12).


See Forever – Do not leave Telluride without skiing See Forever. The run itself traces the ridge line of the ski resort and is most often groomed. The trail has some steeps that will delightfully challenge the intermediate skier. The best feature of this run, however, is the 365 degree view of the San Juan Mountains. On a clear day, you can even see the La Salle Mountains in Utah! Access from Gold Hill Express (Lift 14).

Polar Queen – Lap Polar Queen to get your intermediate ski legs back. This trail runs from mellow flat to mellow pitch, a perfect combination that allows your body to slowly remember technique from last season. Polar Queen is accessed from the Polar Queen Express Lift, a lift that serves primarily intermediate and advanced intermediate runs. Access from Polar Queen Express (Lift 5).


Magnolia – Magnolia is a great run with which to explore Prospect Bowl. Weave through trees, steep pitches, groomed and un-groomed terrain. The rolling terrain will get your blood pumping and your heart racing as you descend from almost 12,000 feet in elevation. Access from Prospect Express (Lift 12).

Lookout – Don’t be fooled by the Blue Squares on this run… The first pitch is wicked steep. After the heart-racing first pitch, however, the rest of the run is true to the advanced intermediate designation. There are beautiful views of the town of Telluride from the run, and it’s one of the most fun runs on a powder day. Access from Plunge Lift (Lift 9).


Revelation Bowl – Telluride opened Revelation Bowl in 2008. And what an addition it was! Join locals charging the bowl on powder days, hang out beneath soaring peaks on the observation deck, and test your skills on bumps and un-groomed terrain. Access from Revelation Lift (Lift 15).

Bushwacker – If you like to ski fast, Bushwacker is the trail for you. The first pitch is a stomach-in-your-mouth steep that will make your eyes water and your skis sing along the snow. This is a local favorite on powder days! Access from Plunge Lift (Lift 9).

Log Pile – Log Pile is one of the best glades on the mountain. There is enough space between trees to make nice turns around the natural bumps and there are often untouched powder stashes. If you’re feeling like a challenge, drop back into the trees at the end of run into West Drain, a tight and technical extension of Log Pile. Access from Plunge Lift (Lift 9).


Black Iron Bowl – Hike from the top of Prospect Lift (Lift 12) and drop in to any of the chutes on skier’s left. These uncrowded runs give you the feeling of skiing in the backcountry while still being safe within resort boundaries. Ski Patrol recommends that you bring a pack on all hike-to terrain. Access from Prospect Lift (Lift 12) plus hiking.

Gold Hill Chutes – Unbeatable hike-to expert terrain. Climb the Stairway to Heaven and drop into some of the most exciting steeps you will ski in North America. The views of the San Juan Mountains are fantastic as well. Ski Patrol recommends that you bring a pack on all hike-to terrain. Access from Revelation Lift (Lift 15) plus hiking.

Palmyra Peak – There is no better feeling than working for your turns. Climb to the Palmyra Peak summit at 13,320 feet to access the most challenging terrain on the mountain. This is a true backcountry experience within the boundaries of the ski resort. The area is monitored by the Ski Patrol and careful attention is paid to any potential avalanche danger. Please prepare with a pack, plenty of water, and snacks to fuel you on this challenging hike. Access from Prospect Lift (Lift 12) plus hiking.

Electra – For lift-access expert terrain, try Electra just above the Alpino Vino restaurant. Steep bumps, trees, pitches, powder… This run has it all. Access from Gold Hill Express (Lift 14).



Skiers and boarders hitting the slopes of Telluride this winter can choose one of three terrain parks according to their ability:

Ute Park – Beginner

Location: Lift 11 – Skier’s right – look for the red flutter flags.
Description:  This park was designed for beginners and families.
Feature list: Mini snow-cross, basic small jumps, ride-on boxes.

This park is for our guests that have never been in a Terrain Park before or are not comfortable with freestyle terrain.

Misty Maiden Park – Intermediate to High Intermediate

Location: Lift 4 (Village Express) – skier’s left lower Misty Maiden– look for green entry gate.
Description:  This park was designed for the intermediate to high intermediate park riders.
Feature list: Medium jumps, rails, and/or boxes.

This park is for guests that have progressed past the ability level of the Ute Park features but do not feel comfortable in the advanced park.

Hoot Brown Park – Advanced

Location: Lift 4 or Gondola– Gate on skier’s left Butterfly– look for pillar entrance w/ orange Smart Style signs.
Description:  This park was designed for Advanced park riders.
Feature list: Large jumps, rails, and/or boxes.

This park is for advanced park riders only. This park should only be recommended if the guest demonstrates complete comfort with the big or advanced park.