Real ID

To be prepared for domestic travel on or after January 22, 2018,  we strongly recommend that you obtain an alternate identification (other than PA Driver’s License) to prevent a delay in your trip. Simply, get a United States of America Passport.

How to apply?  Start here:

Please note that NEW applications require a visit to an Acceptance Facility (like the Lebanon Muni Building) and usually require an appointment.

Most RENEWALS can be done via snail mail.


January 22, 2018:

As of January 22, 2018, your PA driver’s license will no longer suffice as proof of ID at airports (until PennDOT starts issuing REAL ID-compliant licenses, expected in 2019). 

October 1, 2020:

Every air traveler, no exception, will need to present a REAL ID or another form of ID for domestic travel (i.e. passport or passport card).

Thank you!